MyChair 2.5 known issues and how to get around them while we fix them.

1. Data appears to be missing 
If you cant see your data any more, Send us a bug report. This is in options > About MyChair > Send Bug report. 
DO NOT RESTORE your device from iCloud or iTunes. We are handling these type of ticket on a case by case basis. Let us look at it first before taking the possible wrong action. We have fixed over 95% of these issues. 

2. The iPad Week View some times disappears. 
This can be temporarily resolved by restarting the app. We are working to deliver a fix next week.

3. MyChair wont load. this is likley caused by sync. Go into the Settings app, then locate MyChair and turn Calendar off. LEAVE iCloud support as it is.. Don't turn it on either.. then MyChair should load. you can try running Database Repair ( in options > iCloud Sync Stats) and it may help but there is a known defect we are working to fix in 2.5.1 next week.

4. Appointments in the future disappear.
Try this.
Go into Options > Sync options> Turn Calendar Sync off..
Then go into options > Address & iCal Sync Stats
Scroll to bottom, Click the undelete activities button, and then yes yes yes...
Leave sync off while we work on the resolution to this issue. We may have steps to permanent resolve in the next few days.

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