How to setup the Act! Companion Mobile App

With Act! v19 Swiftpage has released the first version of their mobile app. This app is available in the Apple and Google App stores. Search for "Act! Companion"
Once installed the configuration is simple.
It ask for the following:
Name : This is your Act! username, this is not your email address unless you have changed your username inside your Act! database to use your email addresses. This is not the default action.
Password : This is your Act! Password.
Database Name : This is the SQL database name of your database. This name should contain only letters numbers and underscores. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.
Server URL : Based on the version of Act! that you are you will need to use the correct url. You must type this exactly, please make sure its correct and not auto-corrected by your mobile operating system.
Act! V19.0 –
Act! V19.1 –
Act! V19.2 –
Act! V20.0 –
Act! V20.1 –
Act! V21.0 –
Act! V21.1 –
Act! V22.0 –
Act! V22.1 –
Act! V23.0 –
Act! V24.0 –
Act! V25.1 –
Once you have Supplied this info, Click the login button. The user interface can take a little while to respond so please be patience with it.
Errors Login, Things to make sure.
1. Make sure you typed it all correctly.
2. Make sure your Act! user has Handheld device sync enabled. Users in the Administrator Role will have this but all other Roles will have to have the permission manually added.  You can do this in the Edit User function of the ActCloudPortal.
3. Please make sure the URL address is ALL lower case.