How To Sync MyChair As of Version 2.5.0 and newer (February 2014)

UPDATE: We will be releasing an update in Q1 2017 that will replace the iCloud options with our own Cloud system. In preparation for this iCloud Support is being removed from MyChair. Apple has retired the iCloud Data Sync engine and we are forced to migrate to a new Cloud system. If you have Enabled iCloud Support you will need to disabled it before the update is released in Q1 2017 or you may loose all your data.
As of MyChair Version 2.5 the recommended sync method is to use the device default address book (Contacts) and calendar to sync data to multiple devices. This also ensures that your data is backed up in a non-database format.  Its is still recommended that you backup your MyChair database and email the database to yourself at least once a week but these sync option allow for an easier way to see your data without having the MyChair app or database installed. (Example: on your computer, or Non Apple Devices)

NOTE: It is NOT RECOMMEND OR SUPPORTED that you enable iCloud support for MyChair and the new sync method outlined here. iCloud support for MyChair has been discontinued and will be removed from the app at a later date. If iCloud support and local sync are enabled, MyChair will notify you and disable address book an calendar sync. Having both sync systems on will cause data loss.

The first thing you need in order to sync your data to multiple devices is an cloud account that syncs contacts and calendars to the devices. The MyChair support team has tested the address books and calendar with iCloud and Google’s Gmail. The fastest and easiest syncs in our testing was iCloud. Google Gmail sync some times requires you to open the native apps (Contacts & Calendar) before it will download changes to the device.

Because MyChair sync is not communicating to the cloud directly but to the address book and calendar apps on your device, if the data is not showing in the devices address book or calendar apps, MyChair can’t see it and thus will not import the changed data until it is are present on the device.

MyChair Sync Side Effects:

Address book contacts will get a new key added called “MyChairSync” it looks like this “626783F4-EDB4-43A2-B3A9-5FA72C024D9F” each contact will have a different RecordID. In the notes section of the contact MyChair will add some text to the notes section( we call it the sync keys) to sync since not all the same fields in MyChair exist in Google or iCloud Address books. It looks like this.

** MyChairSync - Do Not Modify Below **{"PreferedCommMethod":0,"Gender":0,"Comments":"","AllergicTo":"","ReferredBy":"","Formula":""}

If you delete these from your calendar or address book, MyChair will add them back. Its best to leave these alone. You can still add notes ABOVE this and MyChair will not overwrite it.

The steps to get sync setup.

1. Setup your iCloud or Google Account in the devices Settings app. Do this on every device. Use the same account. This may already be done.
2. Make sure the iCloud or Google Account Syncs Contacts and Calendar.
a. Its best to Sync your contacts and calendar to only one account. Having Google Contacts as well as iCloud Contacts can cause unexpected results.
3. In Settings App > Mail, Contact, Calendar, Scroll down to the Calendars section and locate “Sync” change it to “All Events” ***** IMPORTANT***
4. Its best to designate a separate Calendar for appointments sync. You can create a new iCloud or Google calendar.
5. Now go into the MyChair app, then Options then Sync Options
a. Switch ON Sync to Address Book
b. Select how frequent you want MyChair to sync to your Calendar and Address Book.
c. Switch ON Sync to Calendar
d. Select the designated Calendar that you want MyChair to use, ex. iCloud – Work.
e. Set Sync Past to however far back you want MyChair to sync with the calendar. ( the farther back the more important previous step3 is)
f. Select how frequent you want MyChair to sync to your Calendar and Address Book.
g. Leave Sync Deletes OFF until you have Synced your calendar a few weeks. Once you have Synced a few times, you can enable this but if you loose appointments, notify our support team ASAP.
h. Use the top left back button and then touch Sync at the top of the option area.

Repeat these steps on each devices that you want to sync with.

What MyChair contact fields sync to the address book fields?
Phone : Home, Work & Mobile
Address : Home
Email : Home, Work
Dates : DOB, Anniversary
All other fields are stored in the Notes section in MyChair special formatting.

Do I have to import the contacts on all my devices? No. Once you import them on your first device, you only have to enable Sync on the additional devices and they will automatically add the imported contacts when MyChair syncs. We recommend importing contacts once, then sync the contacts to the other devices.

How often does MyChair Sync? As often as you tell it to. You can tell it to sync on demand on the top left of the options area, or it will sync automatically based on the frequency you set in Options >  Sync Options .

Can I still use the notes section in my Address book and Calendar? Yes, just make sure your notes are above the ** MyChairSync - Do Not Modify Below ** part. Do not modify the sync keys directly.

Will MyChair Import all appointments on my Calendar? No, MyChair looks for the MyChairSync keys in the notes, if the keys is not there, MyChair will ignore the event on your calendar. 

I accidentally deleted a Contact in MyChair, and it synced the delete to my other devices. How can I get the deleted contact and all their info back? Easy, just import the contact on one device and it will sync to the others. This will restore the contacts histories and appointments as well since they are still in the MyChair database.

I now have duplicates in my address book of some contacts but not all. This is a side effect of a previous version of MyChair. More than likely the contacts were imported from Facebook contacts in a previous version. 

Why can’t I import and sync Facebook only contacts? Facebook only contacts are contacts that only exist in Facebook. These contacts are updated from the person facebook profile and they are read only. If you try to edit the facebook contact in your address book, it will create a local copy of the contact and link it back to the facebook contact. This new contact can be imported into MyChair but it will only contain the info that you provided to the address book.

Is this the “New Sync” option for MyChair that you have been talking about?  As of now, Yes. We had plans to develop our own cloud sync system but in our testing this new sync method worked so well and so fast that we do not believe having our own sync solution will really bring any more value to the MyChair product.

I deleted MyChair from my device will this sync restore all my data. If its setup correctly, Yes. We tested this very scenario. We still recommend backing up your MyChair database once a week then emailing it to your self.

How do I add new services to all my devices? Its best to add new services on one device, then create an appointment using the new service and then sync the calendar. The sync is smart enough to send the details of the services to the other devices.

Will this sync all the data for the reports? If you create appointments, then clear them, yes. The completed appointments and the history will sync. If you create history only, they will not sync.

Will this sync my formulas? Yes , the last formula that is displayed on the contact details will sync in the address book MyChair sync keys.

How do I move my Sync from iCloud to this new Sync?

Follow these steps.
1. Update MyChair to version 2.5 or higher.
2. Open MyChair.
3. Go to the options area, and backup your database, email it to your self.
4. Go into the settings app, Locate MyChair section then change “iCloud Support” to OFF.
5. Open MyChair again, It will Migrate your data from iCloud to the local device.
6. Once all your data is visible, make another backup of your database.
7. You MyChair database is no longer connected to iCloud and now you can proceed with the Sync setup steps

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