UPDATE: We will be releasing an update in Q1 2017 that will replace the iCloud options with our own Cloud system. In preparation for this iCloud Support is being removed from MyChair. Apple has retired the iCloud Data Sync engine and we are forced to migrate to a new Cloud system. If you have Enabled iCloud Support you will need to disabled it before the update is released in Q1 2017 or you may loose all your data.
Hello Friendly Apple Store Employee,

We appreciate your diligence to look up our support page and try to help the user of our app. Here are some helpful tips you can share with our customer.

1. DO NOT DELETE the app off the users device. As the message that Apple put in place to confirm the delete of app states. It will delete all the users data. Once the app is deleted, data is gone.. There is an option to backup the data in the options area of the app.

2. If the user shares concerns that iCloud sync isn't working, please try putting the app in Airplane mode. It forces iCloud to use the local cache and not ask the "cloud" for updates that are crashing the sync. Its easy to blame the app developer and app, but this is an iCloud issue.

4. Show the user the options to disable iCloud support for the app. Look in the device's  Settings > MyChair > Disable iCloud Support. This should fix most problems as iCloud is no longer asked to participate.

5. If these steps didn't work, email us from the users device at and we will open a ticket and work with the customer directly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this friendly note.

MyChair Support Team

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