How to Delete MyChair from your iCloud documents and Start Fresh.

UPDATE: We will be releasing an update in Q1 2017 that will replace the iCloud options with our own Cloud system. In preparation for this iCloud Support is being removed from MyChair. Apple has retired the iCloud Data Sync engine and we are forced to migrate to a new Cloud system. If you have Enabled iCloud Support you will need to disabled it before the update is released in Q1 2017 or you may loose all your data.
How to Nuke your iCloud Documents and Start Fresh.

First and foremost you should make sure you have a Good copy of your MyChair Database. You can create a backup several ways. We have documented these way here.

AFTER you are 100% sure you have taken steps to backup your data. Follow these steps.

1. MyChair should have iCloud options off ( in Setting app> MyChair > iCloud support > Disabled)
2. Then in the Settings app, Touch iCloud.
3. Scroll down to "Storage & Backup" Touch the button
4. After a second or two "Manage Storage" becomes touchable , touch it.
5. You should now see a list of apps that are storing data in iCloud, MyChair should be listed.. Touch MyChair icon.
6. You should see the MyChair icon with a list of files or just Documents & Data. There is a edit button in the top right corner. Touch it.
7. Below the list there is now a RED Delete Button. Touch it
8. you will be prompted for confirmation, as the message states : you are deleting all of they MyChair Data from iCloud and iCloud on all the devices. confirm by touching Delete All
9. Now you are back in the storage & backup interface.
10. Exit the settings app and load MyChair. You should see either a copy of your MyChair data or you should see nothing.. This is normal. Do this on all your devices that have MyChair. Make sure that all devices have iCloud options OFF for MyChair. If they are not off, then one of these devices could migrate unwanted data to iCloud and you would have to repeat the steps above.
11. Exit the MyChair app completely (make sure its not running, Here are the steps if you need them)
12. Place the MyChar1.sqlite file you want to migrate to iCloud on one of your devices. Use iTunes file sharing to do this (steps here)
13. Open the MyChair app. Confirm that the data is present on your device. Check contacts, appointments, income reports. etc..
14. Once you are sure that the data is the data that you want to migrate to iCloud, go into the settings app >MyChair> iCloud Support > Enable = Yes
15. Open MyChair again. You will see the screen that states that its migrating to iCloud. Depending on your devices speed and size of your database this can take several minutes . If you have pictures expect a longer delay.
16. MyChair will finish the migration and load the User interface.
17. Confirm that the same data is available as before… Some times it make take a few seconds for the UI to load after the migration. If nothing shows, try shutting down the app completely again and loading it fresh (steps on how to shut it down complete here), images make take a few mins to show up.
18. Once you have confirmed that the data migrated correctly, you can enabled iCloud support on the other devices.. If you have existing MyChair1.sqlite files on those devices, its best to rename the files so they are not migrated to iCloud. Open MyChair and it should detect the change and connect to the existing iCloud database and start downloading data.. Images will take a few minutes to show up.
19. You should be a happy camper now. MyChair should be syncing data and images in both directions.

If your database does not migrate to iCloud correctly, please send your myChair1.sqlite file so we can analyze why the migration failed and we may be able to repair the database for you.

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