How to Add Custom Services

To add custom services,

1. Select the Options button on the bottom tab bar.

2. Select the "Manage Service List", this will bring up a list of the default services

3. Select the + in the top right corner, this will bring you to the add services page.

4. Change the name from "New Service" to the desired Service name you want to use.
Note: If "Is Active" is set to Disabled then the service will not be listed when creating appointments or histories.
Chemical Services is used for reporting purposes, if the services is a color or perm type service then you should set this to YES.
The Total time will be used when scheduling, and the default price will be used when creating histories.

5. Optional Double booking
if you scroll down you can see the double booking options.

The time sessions do not show until Double booking has been allowed.
You may not always need a Second Session, only add a second session if the same service requires a second session.
6. Save when done
once you save you can return to the list of services and you will see a new service, that has the selected name.
Also notice that custom services color rectangles are slightly bigger, this is to help differentiate between custom and built in services.