What is "Complete Appointment"

In this video tutorial we will be looking at how to Manage appointments using the iPhone app MyChair.
Lets Start By Adding a new appointment for our client Bob Foster. We locate Bob, then scroll to the bottom and select appointments. This would show us if bob had and pending appointments. Next lets Create a new appointment by touching the Plug sign in the top right corner.
We start by selecting what services Bob wants, He wants some high lights and a cut.
So we touch Manage Selected Services, and touch Highlights and Mens cut so they are both checked. Then touch the back button. We can now see that the two services have been added to the appointment with the default time for each service.
Next we select the start time. Then click save when we are done.
One of the cool features of MyChair that many users over look is that you can actually see your calendar and create and appointment at almost the same time.
For example, we don’t know if we have an opening at 9 so we can quickly switch the scheduling then pick the day and take a quick peek then switch back to the contact and select a different date if needed.
MyChair will automatically enter the end time based on the total time for the services.
Once you done touch the save button in the top right corner. The services are added to the appointment in the order they are selected but If you wanted to reorder them here is how to do it. Make sure the Edit Button is displayed on the appointment, then touch and drag the “list icon†on the service you want to move and drop it in its new order. If you don’t see the services listed on separate rows, you need to touch the service row to expand to show the services.
Notice now Bob has a “Next†date on his name in the contact list, this is the data of bobs next appointment. Now Bob has and appointment and we can see it on the schedule.
Note: In the appointment list view, If an appointment has more than one service the color will be black.
Once Bob's visit is over, you need to complete the appointment, this will present you with a new auto filled history based on the appointment and the services amounts. Here you can record Tip Amount, Retail amount, and even the formula you used.
Its important to note that if you add a formula in the history, the new formula will update the formula on the contact field and remove anything that was in the formula field on the contact. Touch save and you are brought back to the contact.
Note Completed Appointments no longer show on your schedule view.
Now notice that Bob's "Next" date has disappears as he no longer has an appointment, and now he has a “Last†date showing the last time he visited.
Quick Tip: If you swipe a contact, you will get a tool bar that will allow you to quickly jump to the appointments or histories of that contact.