MyChair 2.5.0 Release Notes

MyChair Update 2.5.0 January 2014

We at J3 Software are excited about this update. Over the last few months I have heard horror stores of users who enabled iCloud Support for MyChair only to loose their data to iCloud when it stopped working. Well now we have a solution that doesn’t involve iCloud Database Sync Support in the app. MyChair 2.5 can sync to multiple devices via the Address Book & iCalendar Sync methods. Both Sync methods have been rewritten to perform faster and more reliably. As an added value when you sync your important MyChair Data to your Address Book app and iCalendar, its also backed up to whatever cloud system you use to sync you address book and calendar to your computer or other non apple devices, iCloud or Google. In our testing we deleted the apps off the device, then installed MyChair again and the data came back from the Address Book and iCalendar by only enabling sync. No Importing, no database restoration through iTunes.

While you can sync you data, Backing up your MyChair Database is always the best solution. We realized that so many people were not backing up their data that we decided to put a reminder in the app. Users can change how frequent it reminds them. We recommend users keep it at a minimum of every week. As of MyChair 2.5.0 users still need to email a the backups to them self’s and make sure the emails send. We are working on providing, free of charge, online backups. This feature is almost complete but has been scheduled for release in the next update. The most work went into making MyChair work correctly on iOS7. It was a lot more work that I think anyone thought it would be, and as of this release, iOS 7.0.x is still unstable. We hope that the iOS 7.1 update due out later this year will solve these stability issues.

Here is a list of things that have also been fixed in MyChair 2.5.0
“Error Saving Data” is no longer an issue. iPad Calendar tweaks to support multi day Appointments. Appointment end times can now include a different date for vacations or multi day events. A new third panel on iPads for history and appointments, which makes the features more discoverable. Fixed a bug with usage sorted services. Import multiple contacts from address book at one time.
To delete an appointment now request confirmation. MyChair using large amounts of space has been resolved and will fix on its own.

Now that MyChair is stable again, we feel that its time for MyChair to continue growing. Over the next several months we will begin rolling out some new free services as well as some new premium services to help automate and grow users businesses.