What Server IP Address do I Remote Desktop into to gain access to my act! database?

 Here are the steps you would go through to log in to a database via RDP.

1. Log in to MaxV2 and locate the database, go to the Database Options page and take note of the Partner Options area

2. Connect to the VPN. see other Kbs on how to do this.

3. Log in to one of the servers listed under Partner Options, use the IP Address ( in step 1)

Note Your Windows username must be prefixed with rtgroup.local\ example rtgroup.local\MyVPNUsername
4. Once Logged in to the server, you can open the ACT! database on the Drive specified under Partner Options (in step 1)
5. Open the database and make your changes.



NOTE : You may not be able to see your database by default, you may have to request access to it.