Syncs fail in ACT! Scheduler

Affected ACT! Versions: 8.0 - 9.0a

The Error:
Users try to use the ACT! Scheduler that runs as a service to synchronize automatically and the sync fails. Users try to sync inside of ACT! And it works as designed. This issue is specific where Internet Sync is used as in RTG’s hosted environment.

The Problem is there is a bug in the ACT! Scheduler that causing scheduled sync to always use Network Sync, regardless of what you have specified in ACT!.

RTG's Suggested Action:
Contact RTG at and verify that ACT! Network sync is setup for your database. Do Not Change your sync config to Network Sync; leave it as Internet Sync unless directed by RTG support staff.

it has been fixed in the inline 9.01. There is no fix for ACT! 8 products other than RTG’s suggested workaround.

Written by Jeremy Wesley @ RTG