How to Setup MaxAlerts (AKA ActAlerts)

Step 1: Defining what type of MaxAlerts you care about.
1. Go to My Account > My Max Preference
2. Click  MaxAlerts Defaults tab
3. Hover over the Alerts icon above tabs, then pick Add New Alert
4. This will ask you what kind of alert. Pick one
Make sure its enabled too (the check box)
5. Click Update
Repeat steps 3-5 till you have your Default MaxAlert Subscription Set.

6. Then hover over the Alerts icon and select update Databases.
This will copy your defaults to all Databases.

  • You can only add a MaxAlert Type once
  • MaxAlerts are not Emails, they are Alerts in MaxV2

Step 2: Defining how you are notified when a MaxAlert is created.

1. If you left the page from step 1
Go to My Account > My Max Preference
2. Click  Notification Profile Tab
3. Hover over Notifications icon above tabs, then pick Add New Notification.
4. Type in your email address in the To Address field.
Make sure to check Enabled
Select Email from Notification Type
5. Click Update

Now your all set to receive MaxAlerts.
A few suggested alerts as a base to add to your MaxAlert Default Subscription
  1. DB:Backup Failed
  2. RDB Expire < 5 Days
  3. RDB Has not synced in 20 days or >
  4. Daily Last Sync Report
  5. DB:Failed to Restore
  6. DB:Restore from Backup Complete
  7. DB:Restore from Backup Failed
  8. DB:General Login Failure
  9. ALERTS:Daily Uncleared Summary

1.    There are two other Notification Types (SMS and Instant Message, these are not supported at this time 1/2010)
2.    You can add more than one Notification Profile if you want to notified via several Emails.

Step 3(optional): Added an Alert to only 1 Database

1.    Selected the database from the dropdown.
2.    Go to Manage ACT! DB> Database Options
3.    Selected the MaxAlerts tab
4.    Hover over the Alerts button
5.    Select Add New Alert
6.    Select the type of alert that you want
7.    Make sure its enabled, and Click Update
Note: An MaxAlert that is created or edited at the Database Level will NOT be updated when you update your MaxAlerts Defaults in your Preferences. So if you disable an alert on a Database, it will remained disabled even after requesting Update Databses in your prefrences.

Reseller Team Notes

If you are on a team new dbs get shared with other teams.
Existing Databases can be shared among the team , but this request must be made by RTG
If you add a new Database,  your Default  MaxAlerts  get copied to the new Database
If a team member adds a database, you get access to the database and your alerts get copied to the database.

Notes About Alerts
MaxAlerts Are only generated if there are subscriers to the Alert type on the database throwing the alert.

•    Can I Disable Notification on a specific Alerts, so I wont get Emails when the Alert Fires?
At this time, this is not a feature. If you want this feature, email and we will add it if we get enough request.
•    Can I select a notification profile for each Alert Type?
No, We have no plans to ever add this function, because it makes the feature too complex. It also would allow users to add email address that don’t have access to the MaxV2 Account, and there would be no way for the alerts to be cleared. So you cant add you client email address, and then on their database specify that all alerts go to their email, because they don’t have a MaxV2 Account, so they can't clear the alert. So if you really want to do this, create your client a MaxV2 Account and set up his own alerts and notification profile.
Any other Questions should be sent to