Adding and Editing Dropdowns

When you click the Add new drop down button, you will be directed to the Create/ Edit Dropdown page.  This page will take you through the steps necessary to Create/ Edit a Dropdown. 
Step1: Field Type
In this step you will need to first provide the Dropdown name. Then you will need to specify the field type and how users can change the dropdown.  When you are finished, click the green next button. 
Step2: Values
To add values to the dropdown click the plus sign.  A pop up will appear that will allow you to put the name and description for the new value.  Then click OK.  The new value will be automatically added to the list.  If you wish to edit the new value click the blue edit button.  If you wish to delete the new value click the delete/ trash can button. 
If you are editing a dropdown, you will see a list of values that already exists for the dropdown.  You can add new values are edit the values that already exist. 
If you have a list of values you would like to import, you can click on the import button. Then a pop up will appear on the screen.  Copy/ paste your list of values in to the field.  Remember, use a Pipe(|) to delimit records, and do not include carriage returns. When you are done, click the blue import button.  
Step3: Finish
If you are finished creating/editing the dropdown list, click the green finish button. 
Remember, once you will click "Finish" button changes will be saved and applied to ACT! Database. The task will be queued.
TIP! Before you create or edit the dropdown, If you do not wish to lock the Act! database at this time, you can pause the database and the tasked will be  queued until the database is un-paused.  For more information on this, see Status Widget under the Database Dashboard section.
If you are creating a new Dropdown, once its created then you can link it to a field.
If you wish to export a list of fields for the database, click the export fields button. You will then select which file type you would like and download the file by click the blue download button. 

To Edit an existing dropdown, click on the blue edit button located under the actions column.  You will then be redirected to the Create/ Edit Dropdown page.  Here you will be take through the series of steps necessary to Create/ Edit dropdowns in the database.  For specific instructions, please see above.