The User Management page will display all the users for the Database.  This is the same page that can be accessed from the User widget on the database dashboard.
The User Management Page allows you to view the Username, role, status, and Act! for Web (APFW) of each user.   It also allows you to preform actions for each user.  There are four types of actions. These can be found under the action column and are edit, send welcome email, manage password, and delete web preferences. 
To edit the  Act! user, Click the edit icon.
To send a Welcome Email to a new User you can click the blue email button.  This will email the user the web welcome email messaging. This includes their username and password.
To change a users password, click the manage password option, it is a red key button. Then a pop up screen will appear that will allow you to set a new password for the user or you can send a reset password email to the email address on file for the user.
To Delete web preferences for a user click the red medical suitcase button. This is used for trouble shooting possible corruption of a web users preferences.
When you click the green Edit User button or the username, you will be directed to the Edit User page. 
On the Edit User page, you can manage a users account settings. You can also manage a Users features and view their Login Times by clicking the appropriate tab.  
To save the changes click the blue save changes button at the bottom of the screen. 
At the top of the User list in the tool bar, there are four icons, each of the icons actions are detailed below.
To create a new Act! user, Click the plus sign icon.
To download a list of the users, Click the download icon
To send welcome emails to all users that are enabled for Act! for Web, click the email icon.
To Manage the Act! databases password policy, click the key icon.